Menies (Diktinna)

In the northeastern part of Cape of Rodopos, 45 km away from Chania, there is the stunning beach of Menies, also known as Diktinna.

It is a secluded beach with pebbles and deep crystal clear waters. It is not affected by winds and is an ideal destination for relaxation, far away from urban centers.

At a distance of several kilometers from the beach of Menies there are absolutely no facilities, so make sure you have your essentials with you. The windless coast is actually the exit to the sea of the Gorge of Founta.

According to archaeologists, the ancient city of Diktinna and the sanctuary of Vritomartis, the patron goddess of sailors who was worshiped on Crete during the Hellenistic and Roman times, were in Menies.

The access to the beach of Menies is possible by a rugged dirt road of 23 kilometers that starts from the village of Rodopos. You can also get there by boat from Platanias.

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