The San Salvatore Bastion

The San Salvatore Bastion is located on the northwest corner of the Venetian walls of the Old Town of Chania. It was named after the church and the monastery of San Salvatore of the Franciscan monks that is preserved in the region.

The San Salvatore Bastion is located to the west of the Firka Fortress, where part of the circular tower from the initial fortification of the port is preserved, constructed by the Genoans in the beginning of the 13th century.  This tower of the San Salvatore Bastion was incorporated in the later fortifications.

Above the San Salvatore Bastion stands the homonymous rampart which consists of four sides and was covering, along with the Firka Fortress, ​​the sea and a part of the west side of the fortifications.

The San Salvatore Bastion constituted part of the fortifications built by the Venetians in the 16th century in the city. It was surrounded by fortifications used for defense and protection from external enemies.

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