The Santa Lucia Bastion

The Santa Lucia Bastion is located in the southeastern corner of the Venetian fortifications of Chania and took its name from the orthodox church of Agia Fotini (Stana Luccia), which is located at Minoos Street.

According to historical sources, the semi-circular bastion of Santa Lucia was constructed in 1568, part of which is still preserved on Minoos Street.  The Santa Lucia Bastion covered the southern part of the eastern side of the fortifications, in correspondence with the Sabbionara Bastion.

This part of the fortifications was buried in 1930 underneath the street Nikiforos Fokas and Kuprou. After the intervention of the Archeological Service, the excavation of the Santa Lucia Bastion started in order for the bastion to be finally brought to light.

From the Santa Lucia Bastion, the fortifications of the Venetian Walls continue to the north, joining the Gate and the Bastion of Sabbionara. All these monuments constitute  a living proof of the history of the city of Chania.

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