Sasalos is a small hilly village of Chania lies at an altitude of 340 meters and is inhabited by about 60 residents. It is 20 km from Kissamos and 48 km from Chania.

The districts of Sassalos are scattered on the hillsides of the region, creating together a picturesque, small and quiet village. In the neighborhood of Pirgos of Sassalos, are preserved the ruins of the Turkish fortification project which controlled the region

The festival of St. Irene is realized in Sassalos, every year, on the day that celebrates the church on 22th of April.

Within the limits of the village, just outside Sassalos starts Gorge Halasse or Sassalos. Crossing the gorge, after four hours of hiking, the walker reaches the village Malathiros (which is situated at an altitude of 315 meters and is 48 km from Chania), and after about an hour of hiking further encounters village Bulgaro, at the end of the

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