Sirikari is a small mountainous village of Chania, which is situated at an altitude of 500 meters and has just 50 residents.

Sirikari is located 55 km west of Chania and 17 km south of Kissamos, in a green area with canyons and streams. Only the route by car to here, which is done through dense vegetation, will convince you for the beauty of the area.

Its name is likely to come from the Byzantine occupation of Sirikari, creator of sirikon, i.e. silk fabrics. From there begins the beautiful gorge Sirikari, which has been characterized as a National Park.

In Sirikari, is formed an amazing forest with towering chestnut trees, waterfalls and running streams. Visiting Sirikari will excite you, especially if you combine it with a hike through the beautiful gorge that leads to the ancient Roman Polirrinia. The ancient city’s walls are preserved in good condition in its citadel, on a high hill overlooking the bay of Kissamos.

The gorge at several points is steep, narrow and difficult passage, while in a few points should be careful to not get lost. Near Sirikari, specifically to Sineniana, there are two watermills in excellent condition.

In the settlement in Sirikari can be seen also the Byzantine church of the Holy Apostles, built in the 15th century.

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