Sirili is a quiet village with approximately 240 permanent residents. It is located 23 km from Chania and 10 km from Platanias. At Sirili, the residents produce olive oil, wine, citrus and of course raki.

On the 8th of August of every year, the traditional celebration of Sirili, which is called xerotigana, is held. Xerotigano is the well-known Cretan confection that is dipped in honey and constitutes one of the delights of the Cretan cuisine. The central square is filled with tables, live Cretan music, dancing, food, plenty of wine and of course xerotigana. If you’re in the area you should not miss it!

Starting your tour from Sirili which is built amidst olive groves and orange trees, you can visit the beautiful neighboring villages of Platanias, either by car or on foot.

Tavronitisis only 4 kilometers away from Sirili and it is a large village, with a lovely beach that has everything you might need. Moreover, within seven hundred meters away from Sirili, you will see Metochi Siriliou, with the homonymous fortress that was built during the Venetian rule.

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