Souda is the region with the largest natural harbor in the Mediterranean but also a place with interesting archaeological sites and special natural beauty.

Souda Bay, on the north coast of Chania, is formed from the main trunk of Crete and the Cape Meleha or Akrotiri. Souda bay and the city, which has been built around it, located on the south side of the bay near the airport of Chania and just seven kilometers from the city center.

Characteristic of the region is the small islet of Souda, which is located at the harbor’s entrance. In Souda, was flourished the ancient city of Aptera and if you are there, you should not miss to visit this important archaeological site.

The port of Souda was always of extreme importance for the island of Crete, because of its strategic position.

Souda Bay is a safe haven for ferries and cruise ships, as it is very enclosed and protected from the weather. The port can serve ships of commerce, tourist and ferry while in Souda Bay Naval Base is located and the facilities of the U.S. Navy.

Souda bay has all the necessary facilities and offers all the necessary services. The small yachts and sailboats can refuel water and oil, and large ships to make repairs if is needed.

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