Stalos is an excellent sandy beach located in the coastal settlement of Kato Stalos, seven kilometers west of Chania, between Kalamaki and Agia Marina.

Stalos is a developed area and attracts a large number of visitors every summer, because it is so close to Chania and you can get there by regular bus service. The beach is very well organized and it offers all possible tourist services.

Pano Stalos, which is located south, towards the mainland, is a picturesque village surrounded by green hills where you will find restaurants and cafes.

According to the Cretan mythology, Stalos got its name from Talos, the bronze giant who used to make the tour of Crete three times a day and protect it. It is believed that mythical Talos had his home where Stalos is today.

However, a second version is that Stalos got its name during the Ottoman era, when Turkish landowners “stalizan” their sheep in the region, that is to say,  used to gather them to rest under the shade of the trees in the area.

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