The village of Therissos is 16 kilometers from the city of Chania, built at an altitude of 580 meters, on the foothills of the White Mountains. Therissos has nowadays only 100 permanent residents but it definitely worth a visit because the natural environment of the region is simply breathtaking.

Driving up the road from Chania to Therissos is an unforgettable experience, as the road passes through the lush and unique beauty of the homonymous that is 6 km long. Near the entrance of the Gorge, at the location “Three Churches”, you can see the old stone made bridge, called “Kamara”.

Therissos is famous for its dairy products. The main occupation of the permanent population is animal husbandry. From Therissos you can climb on Pahnes (altitude of 2,452 meters), the highest peak of the White Mountains.

If you are attracted by caves, you should definitely visit the cave Saracena or equally known as Greek Cave, two kilometers north of Therissos, inside of which signs of life from the Neolithic, the Minoan and the Geometric Era have been brought to light.

At Therissos, the available accommodation facilities are limited. However, there are some cafes and taverns. The village has also regular bus service throughout the year.

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