Tsiskiana is a small village of Chania. It is located in the southern part of the county, on the western slopes of the White Mountains, belongs to the municipality of Kantanos – Selino and is 48 kilometers southwest of the city of Chania. It is built at an altitude of 520 meters and has just 33 residents. One can reach to the village following the paved road, after the village Prines to the village Kampanos.

From the village of Tsiskiana, the visitors can admire the view of the Libyan Sea that lies on the horizon: deep blue, along with the beautiful Cretan land.

In Tsiskiana, you can see the church of St. Eftichios. It is decorated with exquisite frescoes depicting Hell and the punishment of sinners damned and the Deposition. In celebration of St. Eftichios, every year on 24th of August, a crowd arrives in Tsiskiana and takes part in the solemn liturgy and the great festival in his honor.

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