The village Tsourouniana is located 46 km from the city of Chania and 14 km from Kissamos. It is located at the bottom of the valley, crossing the river Kakoperatos, at an altitude of 450 meters.

The view from the village is panoramic, from which the visitor sees the fertile valley Kakoperatos stretching in his foot with thousands of olive trees and vineyards that produce wine of Kissamos. If the weather is good and the atmosphere clear your eyes from Tsourouniana will arrive to the town of Chania.

Tsourouniana is inhabited since prehistoric times, as is evidenced by several monuments there. More specifically, at the top of the hill there is a cemetery with small and large carved tombs.

Close to Tsourouniana and in Katalymmata, there are ruins of an ancient settlement. There are two ruined temples, Agios Dimitrios and Christ.

In Tsourouniana, you will find a Byzantine church, St. George, which is in fairly good condition. On its frescoes is showing the chronology of their creation, i.e. 1,200 AD.

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