Vatolakkos is a lowland village of the hinterland, only 15 km away from Chania. It is one of the richest and most productive villages of the prefecture of Chania, located in an area that is full of orange trees. The main occupation of the permanent population is certainly agriculture and farming.

There are two versions about the designation “Vatolakkos” that was attributed to the village. According to the first, the designation was inspired by the Greek words “vatos”, which means accessible and by the word “lakkos”, which means basin. Accessible is the road that leads to Chania. Basin is the entire area.

According to the second version, the name comes from the Greek words “valtos”, meaning slough, and “vatos”, meaning brier, beacause the region is full of sloughs and briers.

During the German occupation, the Nazis besieged Vatolakkos as well. They arrested villagers who resisted, and executed them along with other locals from the surrounding villages, on the 1st of August, on 1941, at the bridge of the River Keritis, situated at the village of Alikianos.

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