The vaulted tomb of Stilos

The vaulted tomb of Stilos dates approximately from 1390-1190 BC and it is located in the westernmost part of the hill Azoires, south of Aptera and east of the road leading to the village Stilos, of the municipality Apokoronas. The vaulted tomb of Stilos was a monumental tomb of a local governor, with a circular stone made chamber and a long hallway.

In the triangle above the lintel of the entrance of the vaulted tomb of Stilos, 12 cups dating from the Hellenistic period were found, confirming that ceremonies took place there. Similar Hellenistic pottery was also found in the corridor.

In 1970, when the stone-built street, of 20.80 meters length, and the barrier that was preserved in front of it got removed, the vaulted tomb of Stilos was declared open and available to visitors.

The same year, in the southeast side of the hill Azoires, a section of an important Minoan settlement was also discovered. The settlement, in which the vaulted tomb of Stilos seems to have belonged to, is perhaps connected to the ancient city of Aptera of the Minoan period.

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