Voukolies is a village with great history and tradition, located 27 kilometers from the city of Chania. This place had always been widely known for the commercial activities of its inhabitants.

The bazaar of the Holy Friday is famous. It initially started as a trading organization, later it became a place of reunion of relatives and acquaintances from the surrounding villages and today it constitutes a special festival for Crete. It used to be a place where girls from the surrounding villages were getting there to meet their future husband. The first references to the bazaar of Voukolies were made ​​in the 19th century.

A famous monument at Voukolies is the Tower built by the Turks in 1866 in the southwest of the village. The Turks used it to consolidate their position and even until today you can see remnants of the Tower.

The residents of Voukolies are mainly occupied in agriculture and animal husbandry since the Valley of Tavronitis River, in which their village is built, is a really fertile place.

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