River Tauronitis

River Tauronitis is located in Chania and it dries up in summer. It is known for its iron bridge and flows into a turquoise coast of Tauronitis beach near the homonymous village.

In the delta of the river Tauronitis a natural wetland is formed, which is a natural habitat for many species of fauna and an important station for migratory birds, flocks of which can be seen to cross the autumnal sky in various formations.

The Bridge on the River Tauronitis – 20 km from the city of Chania – became famous from the Battle of Crete in 1941, as it is where the largest bulk of German paratroopers landed, who were intended to capture the airport of Maleme.

It is a modern historic monument, which some speculators did not respect and removed pieces of copper to sell them in stockyards.

The Bridge of the River Tauronitis was restored in 2001, as it was almost ready to collapse. Next to it, you will see two American mines and two torpedoes, remnants of the historical Battle of Crete.

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