Voulolimni is located 70 km southwest of Chania and just 500 meters away from the village of Chrysoskalitissa. Voulolimni actually looks like a crater near the coast. The rocks there form a natural wall around the sea area and leave only a small passage for the boats to the sea .

Voulolimni looks like a lake or pool since it is permanently protected from strong winds. This natural port is mainly used for the mooring of small boats.

The sea in Voulolimni is blue and calm. There is no beach and the water deepens abruptly. But it is an absolutely beautiful place, perfect for diving and swimming!

Here there is no infrastructure but in the area Chrysoskalitissa you can find taverns and rooms to stay.

Do not forget to visit the Monastery of Virgin Mary Chrisoskalitissa, the nunnery in the form of a fortress, which is perched on a cliff with a panoramic sea view.

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