Vouves is a fertile village at Kolimbari, part of Platanias, located 26 km west of Chania. The village is widely known for the wine it produces, which is abundant and of excellent quality and taste, because in the past, the entire area was an immense vineyard. Nowadays, the biggest amount of the vines has been replaced by olive trees.

In August, the Wine Festival is organized. It is a thematic event, dedicated to the long tradition of viticulture in the village and it is famous for the excellent quality of the locally produced wine that is offered free to thousands of visitors, who honor the village of Vouves every year with their presence.

Very close to the village of Vouves, another settlement is also located, called Ano Vuves, where visitors can admire the monumental olive tree, which is believed to be the oldest tree on the planet. In the region around Vouves there is also an ancient olive grove with many old trees.

During the last years, in collaboration with the Olympic Committee of the Prefecture of Chania and after a series of events, it was established that before the Olympic Games, a twig (wreath) shall be cut from the olive tree of Vouves and be used to be crowned with it the first Olympic champion of our country

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