75 Steps

75 steps apartments ((a small piece of heaven)) are situated in Messoghi village in Corfu. It is a family run business. The geographical location of the apartments perfectly combines sea and mountain.

From the balconies of the 75 steps apartments you are given the opportunity to enjoy the extraordinary view of the Ionian Sea. The rooms are very clean, airy and sunny. They are painted in soft and beautiful colors that compliment their classic decoration.

Every single apartment of 75 steps is equipped with satellite television, radio, air condition, phone and a private safe for your personal and valuable belongings. They are also equipped with a private Jacuzzi. Each apartment has its own kitchen and all the necessary cutlery for you to cook with. For your convenience the facilities provide an elevator. You are also welcome to use the washing machine and iron press that will provide you with ease and a feeling of freshness during your vacation.

At the highest point of the building, there is a tavern where you can taste traditional Greek dishes. The appetizing smells are carried throughout the facilities by the summer breeze. You can also enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of coffee whilst you are taken away by the beautiful colors that decorate the sky during the sunset. It is an excellent suggestion for memorable family vacation, but also a romantic destination for you and your partner.

The service is twenty-four seven (24/7) and excellent on every aspect.

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