Aleimmatades is an old village, at least from the 15th century, according to written sources, built on the western side of the mountain of Pantokratoras  and with a wonderful view. The name of the village probably comes from the surname «Aleimmatis», which happens with many villages of the countryside, taking their names from their first settlers.

Aleimmatades is separated in three parts, Agios Nikolaos which is the main settlement and where the homonymous church is located, Perachori with its small square and loutrouvio and finally the settlement of Agia Anna with its homonymous church.

If you find yourself in Aleimmatades do not forget to see, unfortunately only on the outside, the Rivelis mansion, one of the most impressive in the Corfiot countryside and you must visit one of the old loutrouvia of the village. Do not forget to head from Agia Anna north, towards the mountain in order to enjoy the wonderful view of the Diapontia Islands.


On the 25th of July, the day of the Assumption of Agia Anna, in Aleimmatades, a grand festival is organized and on the name-day of Agios Nikolaos on December 6th, the faithful make sperna(a mixture of wheat, raisins, nuts), a custom which is revived almost in every household.

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