Casa Lucia

Casa Lucia offers apartments to rent. The apartments are located in Poulades, village of Corfu. More specifically, it is situated between the City of Corfu and Paliokastritsa, in an area named Sgompou. An old oil press has been transformed into eight independent houses and a large activity room.

Some of the houses belonging to Casa Lucia are dated back to the Venetian Era. The big stone walls, the old roof tiles, the tall ceilings with their beams made out of cypress wood and the arched ceilings, they have all been preserved. Each house is fully equipped to provide a certain comfort and functionality. The owners are careful in using traditional materials in order to preserve the buildings and keep them in excellent condition. They are also meticulous in properly cleaning the facilities. Each apartment of Casa Lucia has its own private outdoor space, equipped with a table, chairs and an umbrella.

Beautiful gardens with olive trees, cypress trees, quince trees, bougainvilleas, roses, geraniums, peach trees, figs and apricot trees surround the houses. Begonias, jasmine and vines offer great natural shade next to the newly restored pool.

Casa Lucia offers the opportunity for creative and alternative activities. You can chose between tai- chi classes, yoga classes, alternative therapies and massages by experts. You can also attend various exhibitions, festivals, ceramic and cooking classes. Those are only some of the activities provided by Casa Lucia.

A place where you can fully appreciate the wisdom of nature and you can come in touch with your body and mind.

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