Coral Boat Trips

Coral Boat Trips will provide you with the service of travelling with a private speed boat, in order to explore some of Palaiokastritsa’s most magical bays.

The excursions organized by Coral Boat Trips have as a departure point the beach of Alipa, a small marina in Palaiokastritsa. From there, the speed boats make their way to beautiful bays, beaches and sea caves. You will be given the opportunity to explore numerous coves and the rich, beautiful, deep blue sea of the Ionian.

Discover beaches and sea caves which can only be accessed by sea. The beauty of the scenery and the crystal- blue waters are sure to travel you senses. Get to know the north-west part of Corfu in all its greatness.

The captain of Coral Boat Trip is a man with a 25 year experience. He will offer you a very safe and pleasurable trip. We guarantee you will leave from this experience filling relaxed and rejuvenated.

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