Corfu Mare Boutique Hotel

Corfu Mare Boutique Hotel is located in a historical suburb of the town of Corfu. It combines the Venetian architecture with modern comfort and offers a great experience.

Corfu Mare Boutique Hotel has a large variety in room types in order to accommodate every need. More specifically, it offers 36 standard rooms, 2 for people with disabilities, 4 exclusive rooms, 6 superior, 1 junior suite and 2 master suites. Despite their size and style, all the rooms are spacious and offer all the necessary comforts. The rooms’ decoration is detailed, yet simple and clean. Their goal is to create a relaxing environment where visitors will be able to clam.

Besides the stunning rooms, Corfu Mare Boutique Hotel offers a great number of other services and are sure to satisfy all customers. More specifically you can cool by the pool or relax by using one of the saunas. The hotel’s philosophy is based on well- being. Thus they offer yoga programs you can follow. If you prefer a traditional workout, you can visit the fully equipped gym. After your workout you can refill energy with a balanced meal at the hotel’s restaurant. Last but not least, within the hotel’s premises there is a free parking area.

Visit Corfu Mare Boutique Hotel and relax in body and mind. It is a destination suggested to those who want to combine exploring a beautiful island with a luxurious stay.

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