Kanakades is an old, agricultural village which has grown around the region of Ropas Prairie. Kanakades is a picturesque settlement with old houses with vivid colors, trimmed and in full blossom yards. This village used to be an important center during the Venetian occupation and because of its fertile lands it became a seat of the feudal lords and a meeting place of the whole agricultural production in the region.

At the top of an abrupt cliff, which dominates over the village of Kanakades, is situated the fortified, today in ruins, mansion which was the seat of the Barony Marcello, during the Venetian age. The whole area of the Prairie was subject to it. This is where the «duties» (olives, grapes, grain) were gathered, as the tenant farmers were obliged to give them to the lord of the area. The view from the Barony towards the Prairie is unique.

If you wander around the picturesque alleys in Kanakades, you will see many old stone houses and mansions, some in ruins while others well-maintained. One of the sights of the village is the very old church of Agioi Theodoroi which was built, according to the inscription above the door, in the beginning of the 14th century. This Church remains in ruins. Right next to this monument a new church has been built, also dedicated to Agioi Theodoroi.

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