Another traditional village in the Corfiot countryside, Kastellanoi, which has been proclaimed a preserved settlement, awaits visitors to wander among the picturesque alleyways in order to admire the old mansions and the churches which date back to the 15th century.

The core of Kastellanoi is the square (tribute), the meeting point and the public debate area near the church of Agios Spyridonas. A monument for those who perished is situated there. In its alleyways, you will discover some old houses with yards, small doors with coats of arms, wells and lioutouvia which reveal the wealth of the past in Kastellanoi. The most significant of these is the mansion of Kapadochos which is in ruins and the mansion of Papaggelos.

In the south of Kastellanoi on a hill, dominates the church of Ypapanti which is mentioned in scriptures from the year 1420. The church of Odigitria also dates back to the 15th century. Agios Spyridonas, in the square, was built approximately in 1730 and Agios Nikolaos, next to Kapadochas mansion, is mentioned in sources from 1623. One of the most significant sights in Kastellanoi is the Monastery of Zoodohos Pigi  which was built in 1688 in the region named Monastery.

These churches and mansions are testimony to the long history of Kastellanoi. As a settlement it is mentioned in sources of the year 1381. The naming of the village, according to one source, comes from the world «kastelo» which means a fortress. Another source claims that it comes from Kastellania which means a guard. There is also a version that the village was named after the surname Kastellanos which happens very often in many villages in Corfu, they are named after families who live there.

The residents of Kastellanoi are engaged with the cultivation of olive trees and vineyards but, also with tourism. In the village, two festivals are organized, on Pentikosti and on Ypapanti, and every April the feast «Day of Corfiot taste» with the cooperation of the Chef Club of Corfu. Besides, in Kastellanoi there is a very active cultural club which is responsible for every type of event.

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