Kavourolimni, hidden amongst the dense vegetation of Corfu, is located near the village of Poulades. It belongs to the northern part of the island, although it is situated further south of the Lakes of Gaidarana in which however, one can walk, enjoying nature and its unique beauty.

In Kavourolimni you will admire the verdant landscape, as grassland areas spread and are interrupted only by tall oak and holly trees. In spring, nature around Kavourolimni becomes colorful, as the wildflowers give their own touch.

Perhaps you may hear Kavourolimni (meaning Lake of crabs) called «Gavrolimni», but there is no clear explanation concerning these two names. However, in the lake there are fresh water crabs, while on the region also grows a tree named Gavros.

Near Kavourolimni is situated the historical Monastery of Agios Onoufrios  of Corfu.

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