Kokkini is a village near the western shores, in the middle of the island. Kokkini is located on the National highway which ends up to the beautiful village of Pelekas. It is a verdant village with many small hills and lush vegetation. Its inhabitants are mainly occupied with agriculture and both the wine and oil production because the village is surrounded by olive groves.

Kokkini was named after the lord Kokkinis to whom the area was given as a feudal land by the Venetians, as a reward for his participation, as a Commander, in one of the four galleys of Corfu which participated in the naval battle of Nafpaktos. The Kokkini mansion, built in the beginning of the 17th century, is of exceptional architectural interest, well-maintained and is resided until today, on a hill behind the main road of the village.

Narrow lanes, old houses next to each other and a beautiful small square synthesize the scenery in this picturesque village of the Corfiot countryside where, you must stop and look around.

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