From the small village Krini begins the path that leads to the historical, medieval Aggelokastro, one of the most significant sights of the island. Krini is a relatively picturesque village, with old houses, built on the slope of mountain Istoni at an altitude of 310 meters. Inside the village dominates the church of Agios Nikolaos where, it is worthwhile seeing its marble representations of the Archangels in the bell-tower that was built in 1827.

While strolling in the narrow alleys in Krini, you will see many interesting edifices, including among others the old, school made of stone of the village which today is closed but, also the tall houses of the above rouga (neighborhood) with its embrasures. If you go downhill towards the location Paliokklisies you will enjoy the view of the Diapontia Islands.

Krini is a very old village and tradition says that it existed even in the Homeric years. The certain thing is that its inhabitants during the Middle Ages were the Akrites (frontiersmen) who guarded the borders of the Byzantine Empire. Besides, some of the surnames of the village derive from the ranks of the Byzantine army.

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