Roumanades is a tiny village, relatively new, in the southern part of Corfu, built on a verdant, lowland area. In Roumanades there is an exceptional, old mansion, which you must visit, the farmhouse of the Trivolis family. This family owned many acres in southern Corfu in the past. The Trivolis mansion is situated just before the village, on a hill. From there and next to the church of Agios Ioannis, begins a path towards the mountain where, you can find the old village of Roumanades.

Today, the old Roumanades is an abandoned village but, it has great history. The first written sources which refer it date back to 1502. The name of the village came from the name of the first settlers, Romanos, a family of Byzantine descent. The plague, which ravaged the region in 1815-1816, struck Roumanades more than the rest of the villages in southern Corfu. Nowadays, in the old village, the visitor can only see ruins but, also the mass graves of those who were hit by the disease.

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