Tasty Corner

Tasty Corner Restaurant is in the village of Agios Stefanos in Corfu. It a business that has been active in the field for many years and has gained the trust and vote of preference from the locals.

You can visit Tasty Corner Restaurant for your lunch or dinner. The venue as well as the food served have a traditional Greek flair to them. The venue is simple and cozy and makes its visitors feel welcome. It feels just like visiting a relative’s home.

The food served at Tasty Corner Restaurant completes this nostalgic image. At the restaurant you can enjoy the oh- so- famous Greek souvlaki, as loved by many generations. You can also have traditional dishes, cooked just like our grandma used to cook them the ingredients used are fresh and local and that is what gives the dishes such authenticity and high quality.

Visit Tasty Corner Restaurant to enjoy a homemade dish, just like your mother would serve it.

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