Varipatades is one of the most beautiful villages of the Corfiot countryside. It is characterized as a preserved settlement, built on the slopes of a hill, its top filled with olive and cedar trees. The village is surrounded by the famous Corfiot olive grove. It is a truly unique village, with no tasteless structures or buildings altering its traditional character.

Varipatades is a place full of wonders… the small traditional square, the so-called «tribute» for the locals where, the church of Agios Stefanos dominates; The tall mansions with pastel colors and beige tiles; The traditional houses built almost one on top of the other; A stroll in the traditional, cobbled roads of Varipatades is one that you will never forget.

In Varipatades where, approximately 350 people live, a unique custom is resurrected. On the evening of Good Friday, hundreds of snail shells, the so-called «boboloi» are filled with oil and cotton and are placed along the path where, the Epitaph passes, creating the necessary, devout atmosphere in the village.

Varipatades is also a place where, one can enjoy walking excursions in nature among the dense olive groves. You can also go towards the hilltop from where, you will witness a panoramic view.

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