Aetochori is located 13 km from Alexandroupolis and its residents are Pontic Greeks, refugees from Santa of Pontus. The current Aetochori is known as Ntogantsa or Paliochori.

The settlement of Aetochori was created in 1925 when the refugees of Santa arrived. The newly built houses followed the architectural design they had in Santa. The Santians, being excellent stone craftsmen, built the schools not only of Aetochori but also of the neighboring refugee villages, Agnantia and Doriko.

In 1926, they built the church of Aetochori, Saint Christopher, just as it was in the old homeland, Santa of Pontus. It is located on the highest point of the village and since, it has been twice expanded with donations of residents. Today, the church operates only for the mysteries of marriage and baptism and the feast day of the saint, on May 9. On the eve of the feast of Saint Christopher, Vespers is celebrated and the church is filled with people from the surrounding area.

In 1926 was also built the school of Aetochori with Spiros Charalambides being the master builder. It is a stone building of characteristic architecture. In 1956, it was built inside the village the church of the Savior. The church operates today on Palm Sunday, Holy Friday, when the the procession of the Epitaph is carried out, and on August 6, the day of the feast of the Savior.

In Aetochori is located the male monastery of Saint John the Theologian. It is newly built but it exhibits paintings of the 17th and 18th century.


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