Alexandroupolis airport

The Alexandroupolis airport is located just six kilometers away from the city center. It is international and receives daily a huge number of visitors that is multiplied particularly during peak seasons. It is connected with three sailings a day to the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”, as well as to many European cities, less frequently.

By plane is the fastest and most comfortable way for the visitors to reach Alexandroupolis, as the flight from Athens lasts about 45 minutes.

Access to Alexandroupolis airport is easy and possible either by bus (city and intercity bus company KTEL make stops here), but by taxi as well, which costs approximately eight euros from the city center. At the airport of Alexandroupolis, there is an outdoor guarded parking space.

The code of Alexandroupolis airport is AXD, while its official name is “Alexandroupolis International Airport Democritus”, named after the ancient Greek philosopher who lived in Thrace.

Near the Alexandroupolis airport is located the Kavala airport “Megas Alexandros”. It is 160 km away from Alexandroupolis, it is as well international and is connected daily to Athens and other cities in Greece and worldwide.

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