The village of Amorio is built near the banks of the Evros River, 7 km southwest of Didymoteicho. It is unknown whether the residents have come here from Amorio of Phrygia or the village took its name from its sandy soil or mulberries.

In Amorio was found a bronze statuette of the goddess Artemis Bendis, who is currently found in the Museum of Kavala, while many believe that at the point must have existed a temple dedicated to the goddess of the hunt.

In the region named “Tou Barba h vrysi ” (the uncle’s tap), one kilometer north of Amorio, there are traces of an ancient settlement. On the soil surface were found sherds of utilitarian pottery and tiles of the Roman and Byzantine period.

In Amorio is located the church of Saint Demetrius of 1921, while in the area around the village, visitors can see the Monastery of the Transfiguration, where there is a recreation area, as well as the monastery of Saint George.

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