Beach of the Transfiguration of Savior

It is a still from the beaches of Evros  that has fine, golden sand and blue sea. It is the beach of the Transfiguration, located in the east of Alexandroupolis. It is located just two miles from the hot springs Traianoupolis  and the eponymous town  at the archaeological site  from Roman times, when it was founded by the Emperor Trahianos. The beach of the Transfiguration in Alexandroupolis is also very close to Delta of Evros, the unsurpassed natural attraction in the region with its unique landscapes.

The beach of the Transfiguration is not very popular and organized, but offers to swimmers the basic services, while it is easily accessible by car, even by public transport, ranks it among the popular beaches of Evros. Too many are those who prefer the beach of the Transfiguration as ideal for sand baths, and fishing.

Less than two kilometers from the shore of the beach of the Transfiguration is the church of Christ, where every year in the eve of his celebration takes place a big festival.

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