Border Station Kastanies

The Border Station Kastanies is located at the northeastern part of the region of Evros, on the borders with Turkey. It is the only place where borders do not coincide with the River Evros, but they are terrestrial. The road leading from the village of Kastanies in Adrianoupolis (Edirne)of Turkey is blocked from the Border Station Kastanies, right at the end of the village.

The Border Station Kastanies is not crowded, as most of the travelers prefer the Border Station of Kipoi, in the south. The same happens with the bulk of goods moving between Greece and Turkey. Nevertheless, the Border Sation Kastanies is just 10 km from Adrianoupolis (Edirne), one of the most historic cities in the region, and is the best spot for the visitors that want to get there from Greece.

In the space of the customs office of the Border Station Kastanies operates a Duty Free Shop and a pay phone. Travelers can find automatic teller machines and various other services in Kastanies.

Immediately after the outpost on the Turkish side is Evros, while from Kastanies passes Ardas, just before the estuary of the largest river in the Balkans.

The Border Station Kastanies is otherwise called Kapikoule, named after the homonym Turkish toponym.


• Customs office 2552085211

• Passport Control 2552085205

• Duty Free Shop (Duty Free) 2552085670

• Fax: 2552085671



• Kastanies – Orestiada: 17 km

• Kastanies – Alexandroupolis 135 km

• Kastanies – Thessaloniki: 430 km

• Kastanies – Turkey (Customs office): 500 m

• Kastanies – Bulgaria (Customs office): 28 km

• Kastanies – Adrianoupolis (Edirne): 10km


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