Kipoi Border Station

The Kipoi Border Station in Evros is on the borders between Greece and Turkey, in the middle of the borderline. It is the busiest point of entry and exit not only from Evros but from all over Greece. The Kipoi Border Station is otherwise called Ipsala Border Station, after the name of the city located on the side of Turkey.

From the Kipoi Border Station visitors are coming in Evros from Turkey crossing the river, through the famous Bridge of Kipoi (Gardens). It is a bridge that connects two countries and two peoples, just as their colors and flags are combined; the white and blue with the red, the cross with the crescent.

In the area of the Kipoi Border Station exist ATMs, an automatic currency exchange, a payphone, a safety of ELTA (Greek Post Offices), a Duty Free Shop, a private currency exchange and an office of EOT (Greek Tourism Organization). The control for travelers usually takes less than half an hour.

From Istanbul to the Kipoi Border Station the route lasts about three hours, in easy road. The village Kipoi of Evros is within short distance and is the first that visitors encounter as they enter the Greek territory. From Kipoi begins the Egnatia Motorway, the modern highway that crosses Evros.

• Customs office 2555088860

• Passport Control 2555088840

• Kipoi Police Station 2555088830

• Veterinarian 2555031155

• Agriculturist 2555031676

• Duty Free Shop (Duty Free) 2555031248

• Fax: 2555031626



• Kipoi – Istanbul: 260 km

• Kipoi – Alexandroupolis: 42 km

• Kipoi – Feres: 16k m

• Kipoi – Thessaloniki: 345 km


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