Dikaia of Evros is a village in the north of the country borders with Bulgaria and marks the end of the railway line on Greek soil. The village is located about 60 kilometers north of Orestiada next to the Evros River. It is the head village of the area with public services and banks, as before the merger of the municipalities (Kallikratis Program) Dikaia used to be the headquarters of the former municipality of Trigono. Most residents of Dikaia come from Kavakli, the present Topolovgkrad of Bulgaria.

The climate in Dikaia is continental. Rainfall and snowfall are frequent phenomena, while winters are characterized as harsh.

In Dikaia visitors will see tiled graves in which were found gold jewelry and graves of landowners of the time of the Emperor Commodus (117-192 AD) where were found vases with four handles, a bronze buckle, embossed dice etc.

People of the area cook the so-called “Karkavitsa”, a traditional Christmas food from pork intestines, meat and liver. The region produces wine, tsipouro, honey, almonds and walnuts.

On May 8, in Dikaia revives an old custom, “Kurbani”, outside the church of Saint John the Theologian. The village women make bread and boiled lamb in large cauldrons, in a formed space near the chapel. After the priest blesses the loaves and kurbani, they are shared to the people being there.

The Patron Saint of Dikaia is Saint Dimitrios, on whose celebration day, October 26, a big festival is organized each year.

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