Dilofos is one of the settlements worth seeing in northern Evros. It is the “Triethnes” (three-nation point) of Evros as here meet Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria. Opposite the Greek outpost and among minefields are located the borders between Turkey and Bulgaria. From here, you can see the Turkish Minaret of Dogaca, while very close is located the Bulgarian town of Kapetan Andreov.

The borders between Turkey and Bulgaria have enough traffic, but on the Greek side, apart from the small village of Dilofos, you will encounter fields, frequent patrols of soldiers towards the watchtowers and quiet.

Dilofos is about 32 kilometers from Orestiada and 18 kilometers from Kastanies. The route is beautiful, as for someone to approach Dilofos at Triethnes, he has to pass the so-called “Mesopotamia of Evros”, the area between the rivers Ardas and Evros. The narrow road crosses green fields and the view from Triethnes, before you reach Dilofos, is impressive.

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