Historical Museum of Alexandroupolis

The Historical Museum of Alexandroupolis is project of the city’s Association of Friends of Antiquity and it operates with coordinated actions since 1995. It is housed in a modern building in the city center, opposite the Town Hall. The Historical Museum of Alexandroupolis consists of four spaces that cover an area of 700 square meters and hosts the museum’s permanents and the seasonal collections.

In the Historical Museum of Alexandroupolis there is still a conference hall available for associations and organizations of the city, as well as a library with volumes that cover the city’s history.

For the creation of the Historical Museum of Alexandroupolis, the city’s residents gave personal and family material, such as objects, artifacts, original photographs, documents etc) which was recorded, digitized and archived by the the responsible of the Museum.

Artifacts from the history of Alexandroupolis are located on the first floor of the Historical Museum of Alexandroupolis, where is hosted the permanent exhibition, while very important seasonal exhibitions have also been hosted at its premises. For example, the exhibition for Thrace which was organized by the Greek Parliament.

335, L. Dimokratias, 68100, Alexandroupolis


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