The village of Kanadas is located in Evros, on the north bank of the Ardas River, in a verdant plain. It is bordered on the east by the village Marasia and on the west by the village of Arzos. One of Kanadas sights is the cement walkway that connects the two banks of the Ardas River and leads to the opposite village, Rizia. Passing over is possible during the summer months, when the water level goes down.

The village of Kanadas is popular as well, as there was founded and now operates the workshop of traditional dishes by the rural women’s cooperative of Trigono, “Gaia”.

In Kanadas are produced and standardized many traditional products of Evros such as the Thracian red trachanas, Ifkadia (local handmade pasta), Couscous, Oumats (porridge with milk, eggs and flour), traditional handmade pies, handmade frozen crust, Bibiritsa (a kind of spice, eaten with bread or accompanies meat), jams from berries (tsapourno or krano), ritseli (local sweet with pumpkin and honey) and many other dishes of the region, which make visitors definitely want to return!

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