Kavyli is a large settlement outside Nea Vyssa in Evros. It is a refugee settlement with residents coming from the villages of Demirtaş (Sidiropetra) and Abalar (Zaloufopoulo) of Eastern Thrace. The old name of the village was Emirli and it was inhabited only by Turks. Kavyli was the seat of the Emir and had a mosque, as well as a camp, in which there was a cavalry regiment of the Turkish army. It is speculated that it was named like this by the Ottoman rank of Emir. Other versions have as a source of the village’s name Turkish words such as umirli (order) or emir (longevity).

Today the inhabitants of Kavyli are engaged in agriculture, but also in farming. In the village, there is a camp and several outposts of the Greek army.

The cultural institutions of Kavyli show a significant activity in various events: lending library, blood bank and more. The top event in Kavyli is the “Night of the Hoplite,” which takes place every August with the cooperation of the military and local authorities.

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