The village of Keramos is located in Evros, near the Ardas River, on its south bank, between the villages of Rizia in the east and Fylakio in the west. The location of the village had been a passing since the very past, because it was on the route Filippoupolis (Plovdiv) – Adrianoupolis (Edirne) – Constantinople (Istanbul), which had been linking for centuries the three main cities of Byzantine Thrace.

Keramos was founded in 1922 in place of an old Turkish village (the old inhabitants refer to it as Kior-Mut) by refugees from Eastern Thrace and Eastern Rumelia.

In the 70s many residents moved their homes in the south of the village to avoid river flooding that were often occurring. Keramos’ economy is based on agriculture (wheat, corn, sugar beet, cotton). Much of the cropland is irrigated by the waters of Ardas, which are transferred from the dam through a channel with physical flow. The agricultural cooperative of the village has a drier, a silos for grain storage and a provision warehouse.

The church of Keramos, Saint Dionysius, was inaugurated in 1967 and is celebrated on October 3.

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