Fylakio is a lowland settlement of the prefecture Evros, on the south bank of the Ardas River. It is located on the road that connects Kyprinos with Kastanies and is 135 kilometers from Alexandroupolis and 27 kilometers from Orestiada. On the main street of the village, you will find a gas station, and from here starts the bridge connecting the two banks of the river and ends at the opposite village of Elia.

Fylakio has about 500 permanent residents. The village economy is based primarily on agriculture. The agricultural products produced here are corn, wheat, cotton, potatoes, beets, asparagus, sunflowers and in a smaller percentage lentils and beans.

Fylakio celebrates the Assumption of the Virgin Mary with its magnificent church towering above the main road. In the village revives during the carnival the Thracian custom of Bey.

The village’s name is a translation of the Turkish name Seymenli (Fylakio=outpost). According to the tradition, Fylakio was established in the 17th century.

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