Garden Bridge

The Garden Bridge connects two countries and two historical nations. This is the Greek border at the the river Evros, almost in the middle of the prefecture of Evros, 42 kilometers away from Alexandroupolis.  It connects the two riverbanks, just before the Delta of Evros and it is the most significant road border between the two states.

The special symbolic meaning of the Garden Bridge is reflected on its surface; half of it is painted in the colors of Greece and the other half in the colors of Turkey. The Garden Bridge is white and blue, but also red, it carries the cross and the crescent, the symbols of the flags of the two neighboring countries that wave facing one another.

On both ends of the Garden Bridge there are the frontier stations; the frontier station of Kipi on the Greek side and the frontier station of Ipsala on the Turkish side. The village of Kipi is the first one that a visitor meets on Greek soil. Daily, thousands of people, cars and cargos cross the bridge, not only from one country to another but also from Europe to Asia.

The Garden Bridge is 800 meters long and is located approximately two kilometers south of the traces of the Roman Bridge, which was the continuation of the ancient Via Egnatia.

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