Kyprinos in Evros is a large village on the south bank of the Arda River. In Kyprinos there are no public services, shops, hostels or rooms for guests that want to enjoy and explore the nature of the area.

The Patron saint of the village is Saint George, on the celebration day of whom, takes place a ​​festive Divine Liturgy in the homonymous church of the village.

At a distance of eight kilometers from Kyprinos is the dam of the Ardas River. A narrow bridge at that point allows pedestrians and small vehicles to pass over the bank and reach the opposite villages, Therapio and Elia.

The settlement took its name from the fish Carp (Cyprinus), which abounds in Ardas.

The area of Kyprinos has always been a great crossroads due to its position in the wider area of Thrace and the constant movements of people and cultures. The final installation and creation of the village dates back to around 1860. The first settlement was by the banks of the Ardas River. In March 1931, the great flood of the river forced the inhabitants to build the village a little further south, at its present location.

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