Leptokarya is the village of the highest altitude in South Evros (700 m) and is located 33 km north of Alexandroupolis, after the village of Aisymi. In Leptokarya live about 60 people, mostly Muslims by religion.

In Leptokarya, the Sarakatsani Association of Evros has built a Traditional Sarakatsani Settlement, a model village with huts (konakia) and everything used to be included in a Traditional Tselingato (stockbreeding clan). The settlement of Sarakatsani in Leptokarya is a living museum and recreation area. It offers a unique opportunity to the visitors to experience the daily lifestyle of Sarakatsani.

Moreover, at this point outside Leptokarya there is a space for recreation and events, with all the necessary infrastructure to be able to serve visitors who want to enjoy nature, in an area with beeches, clean air and cold water from the spring of Leptokarya.

In Leptokarya, is held annually, usually in August the famous Gathering of Sarakatsani, which attracts many visitors to the village.

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