Loutra (means baths) is the settlement around the Thermal Baths and the Archaeological Site of Traianoupolis in Evros. It is a small village of about 30 permanent residents, but around it unfolds a large part of the tourist activity of the prefecture.

The area of Traianoupolis and therefore the village of Loutra hosts several visitors, for balneotherapy and drinking therapy, but also many who want to enjoy the beauty of the area, the plane trees, the Evros Delta and the nearby hills for bird-watching and tours in the forest.

In the area of Loutra is situated the Information Center of Evros Delta, from which visitors begin to visit the Delta. Here, are organized excursions and tours in the biotope, while visitors are provided with all the necessary information about the area.

Above Loutra of Traianoupolis you can visit the hill of Saint Constantine (Saint George) with the amazing view to Samothrace, Imvros and the Evros Delta. There are remnants of tekke Isiklar, which was a former monastery of Dervishes.

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