Lykofos (means twilight) is a village in the prefecture of Evros, built next to the national road, 8 kilometers south of Soufli and at the root of the last hills of the Rhodope Mountains.

Abundant waters descend from the slopes and this location, as evidenced by the findings, has been inhabited since a very long time. There are preserved traces of an early Christian church, whose sanctuary (bema) is dug into the rocky hillside. On the rocky banks of the river, carved ancient tombs are visible. In the nearby hills were found sarcophagi from the Roman period.

The first settlers at Lykofos were refugees from Eastern Thrace. They originate from Kioupli, which they abandoned with the population exchange after the Asia Minor catastrophe. They crossed the river and moved exactly opposite to have daily visual contact with their homeland. Almost all the houses look to the East and when all villagers wake up, they face the twilight (sunrise) – that is the reason why the village got this name.

On the lush hills surrounding Lykofos operate a camping site for nature lovers. A narrow path between the dense forest leads to the Dadia Monastery.

On this route, you will come across the “Pardali Vrysi” (Colorful Fountain), a fountain which, according to tradition, every forty years, the day of delivery of the Qur’an to the people, the so-called night of Kadir, it was pouring “milk”.

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