The village of Lyra on the banks of the Evros River, between the villages of Tychero and Lagyna is small and picturesque.

The villagers are refugees from Eastern Thrace and the villagesof  Kioupli, Karabunar, Derek and Dogantzi. The first name of Lyra under the Turkish rule was Elkintzi. The main occupation of the inhabitants is agriculture and livestock.

In Lyra exist a few cafes and a petrol station. In the village operates a cultural association that keeps alive the traditions, manners and customs of Lyra.

Many of the villagers have migrated abroad, during the great immigration wave that hit Greece after the civil war. Once a year, takes place “the celebration of the immigrant”, as part of the cultural events organized every summer from July to August.

In Lyra has been created a women’s cooperative, named “Neromylos” (watermill), which produces local traditional pasta (trachana, pie crusts, couscous, noodles), sweets and liqueurs (rose, melon, sloe, cherry, etc.).

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