The village of Lagyna is located 10 kilometers south of Soufli, very close to the bank of the Evros River. The residents come from Kioupli of Eastern Thrace, which they left with the population exchange in 1923. The new village was built on the hillside, at a position with panoramic views, to allow residents to see the opposite bank of Evros, their former village. They named the new settlement Lagyna translating in Greek the old name of their village (kioupi= big lagyna (jar)).

From the church of the old village derives the wooden carved iconostasis and the old icons that that have been preserved and exhibited at the gynaeceum of the new church of Saint Paraskevi, which adorns the square of Lagyna.

Lagyna is known for its fish restaurants serving fish of Evros, sazania (carps) and gouliani (catfish). Also, the village is a few kilometers from the village of Dadia, from where someone can start his tour in the Dadia Forest and the famous Dadia Monastery.

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